The Gallery For Chunk.

Season 1Edit

Happy BounciversaryEdit

Say It Don't Spray ItEdit

Home Run HamstersEdit

Chip off the Old ChunkEdit


Janitor DayEdit

Goldfish FingersEdit


Zombie Sleep OverEdit

The No-Kart RaceEdit

Storming the Cat CastleEdit


Zhuper GirlEdit

Wingin' ItEdit


Dreams O'ClockEdit

Badge to the BoneEdit

Full GroanEdit

The Shell GameEdit

If Wishes Were RainbowsEdit

Deja ZhuEdit

A Total Bust a MoveEdit

The Grand Zhu Zhu Pets HotelEdit

Zhu Years EveEdit


The Pumpkin WhisperersEdit

Zhuper Zhide KicksEdit

The Wrong StuffEdit

Chunklette's WebEdit

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