Deja Zhu is the second half of the twelfth episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.


Frankie and the Zhuzhus each tell Ellen their stories of what happened when the lamp broke. [1]



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The episode begins, with Ellen, hearing the lamp broke and wondering who broke it. She says if any of them know how and Num Nums, says she will tell her what she knows. after she tells her story the other Zhuzhus, tell there stories none of them actually tell what happened. Ellen, then says she is going to clean up the glass and then Frankie, says if she can get a turn to tell her story. Ellen, says she wants to get back to her day though she decide to allow Frankie, to tell her story.

She then tells her story though it does not reveal what happens to the lamp. Ellen, says they were great story however she is upset that no one knows how the lamp broke. Then Stanley, enters the room with a broom, and dust pan, and says he broke the lamp on accident. Frankie and the Zhuzhus, want him to tell a story, tells it and it reveals he bumped into the lamp because the sandwich was big. Ellen, Frankie, and the Zhuzhus, angrily walk out of the room. Then Stanley, finds the sandwich, he hid and tries to eat the rest of it, Frankie and the Zhuzhus, then walk into the room, and say he has sleeping to do, then Chunk, grabs the sandwich and eats it.


In the United States, Deja Zhu premiered on January 28, 2017 on Disney Channel, Along with it's sister episode, If Wishes Were Rainbows [2]


The image gallery for the episode "Deja Zhu" may be viewed here.


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