Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
  1 26 June 2, 2017


Season 1 (2017)Edit

German title Episode Air date Aired on Time
1 "ZhuZhus Luftschloss" "Happy Bounciversary" May 8, 2017 (online)
June 2, 2017 (TV)
Disney Channel TBA
"Sprühender Charme" "Say It Don't Spray It"
2 "Der Glückshandschuh" "Home Run Hamsters" May 29, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"ZhuZhus auf Einkaufstour" "Chip off the Old Chunk"
3 "Die Hunde-Sitter" "Walter-Gate" May 30, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Der Hausmeister-Tag" "Janitor Day"
4 "Das U-Boot Abenteuer" "Goldfish Fingers" May 31, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Der Skateboard-Star" "Skate-lebrity"
5 "Gruselige Übernachtungsgäste" "Zombie Sleep Over" June 1, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Das Go-Kart-Rennen" "The No-Kart Race"
6 "In der Höhle des Löwen" "Storming the Cat Castle" June 5, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Ha-Ha-Hamster" "Ha Ha Hamsters"
7 "Der Hamster Triathlon" "Fur-Vivor" June 6, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Zhuper-Girl Frankie" "Zhuper Girl"
8 "Die Flugschule" "Wingin' It" June 16, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Frankies bester Freund" "Friendship Friend-zy"
9 "Die ZhuZhus rocken" "Dreams O'Clock" June 8, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Der Camping-Ausflug" "Badge to the Bone"
10 "Zukunftsmusik" "Full Groan" June 9, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Eiertanz" "The Shell Game"
11 "Das Regenbogen-Känguru" "If Wishes Were Rainbows" June 12, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Geschichtenerzähler" "Deja Zhu"
12 "Top oder Flop?" "A Total Bust a Move" June 13, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Alles inklusive" "The Grand ZhuZhu Pets Hotel"
13 "Die Silvester-Party" "Zhu Years Eve" June 7, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Das Keksdosen-Drama" "Lookies for Cookies"
14 "Die Kürbis-Flüsterer" "The Pumpkin Whisperers" June 14, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Zhuperkräfte" "Zhuper Zhide Kicks"
15 "Die Alien-Invasion" "The Wrong Stuff" June 15, 2017 Disney Channel TBA
"Dein Freund, die Spinne" "Chunklette's Web"
16 "Bestsellerautorin Frankie" "Story Book It" September 5, 2017 Disney Channel
"Eine haarige Geschichte" "Hairible Mistake" September 6, 2017
17 "Hamster-Käufe" "Weathering Heights" September 7, 2017 Disney Channel
"Zhuper-Girls Rückkehr" "The Trashing of Zhuper Girl" September 8, 2017
18 "Die ZhuZhus in der Steinzeit" "Zhurassic Park" September 12, 2017 Disney Channel
"Das Tretautorennen" "Hamster a la Kart" September 13, 2017
19 "Die Squiggles-Krise" "Zhu and Improved" September 14, 2017 Disney Channel
"Der Pechkeks" "The Unfortunate Cookie Crumbles" September 15, 2017
20 "Alles Zauberei" "Now Zhu See Me, Now Zhu Don't" September 19, 2017 Disney Channel
"Hamstergröße" "Walk a Mile in Our Zhus" September 20, 2017
21 "Das Gruselschloss" "Zhu Got Game" September 21, 2017 Disney Channel
"Die große Preisverleihung" "And the Hammy Goes To" September 22, 2017
22 "Frankies Party" "Pranksters' Paradise" September 26, 2017 Disney Channel
23 "Die Baseball-Rettungs-Aktion" "Ball in a Day's Work" September 27, 2017 Disney Channel
"Werbestars" "How Zhu Get Ahead In Advertising" September 28, 2017
24 "Ein klebriges Chaos" "Zhuper Girl In A Jam" September 29, 2017, 2017 Disney Channel
"Frankies Puppen-Theater" "Frankielocks And The 4 Zhus" October 2, 2017
25 NumNums kündigt "Your Days Are Num Num Numbered" October 4, 2017 Disney Channel
Frankie an die Macht "Zhus The Boss" October 5, 2017
26 ZhuZhu-Land "Zhu Land" October 6, 2017 Disney Channel


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