Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
  1 26 May 2, 2017


Season 1 (2017)Edit

Mr. Squiggles But of course its never been tested S1E15a
"But of course, its never been tested."
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Title Air date Aired on Time
1 "Happy Bounciversary" May 10, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Say It Don't Spray It" May 19, 2017 TBA
2 "Home Run Hamsters" May 2, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Chip off the Old Chunk" May 4, 2017 TBA
3 "Walter-Gate" May 5, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Janitor Day" May 3, 2017 TBA
4 "Goldfish Fingers" May 15, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Skate-lebrity" May 11, 2017 TBA
5 "Zombie Sleep Over" May 12, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"The No-Kart Race" May 16, 2017 TBA
6 "Storming the Cat Castle" May 17, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Ha Ha Hamsters" May 8, 2017 TBA
7 "Fur-Vivor" June 10, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Zhuper Girl" May 9, 2017 TBA
8 "Wingin' It" TBA Boomerang TBA
"Friendship Friend-zy" TBA TBA
9 "Dreams O'Clock" June 17, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"Badge to the Bone" June 24, 2017 TBA
10 "Full Groan" June 24, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"The Shell Game" July 1, 2017 TBA
11 "If Wishes Were Rainbows" July 8, 2017 Boomerang 8:00 AM
"Deja Zhu" July 15, 2017 8:00 AM
12 "A Total Bust a Move" July 22, 2017 Boomerang TBA
"The Grand ZhuZhu Pets Hotel"
13 "Zhu Years Eve" Boomerang
"Lookies for Cookies"
14 "The Pumpkin Whisperers" Boomerang
"Zhuper Zhide Kicks"
15 "The Wrong Stuff" Boomerang
"Chunklette's Web"
16 "Story Book It" Boomerang
"Hairible Mistake"
17 "Weathering Heights" Boomerang
"The Trashing of Zhuper Girl"
18 "Zhurassic Park" Boomerang
"Hamster a la Kart"
19 "Zhu and Improved" Boomerang
"The Unfortunate Cookie Crumbles"
20 "Now Zhu See Me, Now Zhu Don't" Boomerang
"Walk a Mile in Our Zhus"
21 "Zhu Got Game" Boomerang
"And the Hammy Goes To"
22 TBA Boomerang
23 TBA Boomerang
24 TBA Boomerang
25 TBA Boomerang
26 TBA Boomerang


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