"Weathering Heights" is the first segment of the 17th episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.


Frankie and the Zhus create an emergency kit for their house after hearing of a thunderstorm.



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Frankie, and the ZhuZhus, are in the kitchen and she says who wants to play hopscotch first. Pipsqueak goes first, then Ellen calls and says there might be a thunderstorm coming and it might knock out the power, and say there is a emergency kit they can use. They then grab the emergency kit and Chunk, begins to eat one of the granola bars in it. The Zhu Zhus, then say their is not enough stuff in the emergency kit and decide to make a new one.

Frankie, congratulates them on making a better kit, though Num Nums is concerned that the storm would last two nights, and they decide to go to the store to make a bigger kit. Afterwards, they put the kit in the basement and once again Frankie, congratulates them on good work. Num Nums, then wonders if a volcano erupts and they decide to build a moat around the house to stop lava from entering it.

Num Nums, then says they need to hide their stuff they love in the basement in case aliens come. Frankie then says they are ready for anything, and then the storm begins, and her parents come home. Stanley, asks why is there a moat in the front yard Mr. Squiggles, says they dug it to stop lava from the volcano. Frankie, then says she added a few essentials to the emergency kit, and that she put it in the basement. Stanley, then goes into the basement to look at the new emergency kit, he falls while doing so afterwards the power goes out.

It then shows Frankie, putting candles in the kitchen, afterwards Frankie apologizes for over doing the emergency kit, and Ellen says it is ok, then Stanley says he can not believe she got their beds, and the dresser, down there. Ellen, then asks if they want to play cards, and they say yes then Stanley, goes to the bathroom and asks where the toilet paper is.




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